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Excellence in ministry

God's free gift
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 “Whatever price it takes, pay it”
“The dividends are out of this world”

As Christians, we demand excellence from our heavenly father.  We expect nothing less than total dedication, commitment, reliability and success from a holy, righteous God.

We have every right to expect the best from God.  He, Himself, has set the standards of excellence for us.  Since we expect excellence from God, we should also be willing to demand that same excellence from ourselves.

 The first step to excellence in ministry is dedication.

 True dedication is a decision of quality and commitment – a decision where there is no turning back.  Keys to dedication;

 The Second step to excellence in ministry is Singleness of Purpose

Our single purpose as Leaders is to meet the needs of the people.  James 1:5-8

Keys to Singleness of purpose;

 The Third step to excellence in ministry is Follow the Leadership of the Holy Ghost

 Never follow the path your mind wants to take.  Don’t lean to you own understanding.  Learn to follow the leadership of the Holy Ghost within you.  He is there to lead you.

 The Forth step to excellence in Ministry is Strip away the things of the world

 We must strip away everything of the world from our lives until there is nothing left but the Word of God.

 The Fifth step to Excellence in ministry is Look to the word day and night

 Looking to the word will produce several effects on your ministry that you cannot get any other way.  You will obtain God’s favor.  You will increase your faith as well as your understanding of how to use your faith.  Prov. 4:5-9

 The Sixth Step to Excellence in Ministry is Spend Time Fasting


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