Controlling the World

The world is a frightening place when there are no explanations, and ancient man sought them out whenever possible. For those who did not understand how the world worked, looking for a being that could control it was an easy way for them to explain the events surrounding them. They could believe a mysterious being viewed them from far above, and it controlled their lives with the ease of great powers. This is the kernel that began many of the modern religions seen in the world today, and many people still believe in this controlling figure.

For those who look for something more powerful than they are, religion provides them with a figure that can control everything. This powerful being is responsible for creating humans in the first place, and many religions believe mankind is created in the image of their deity. It gives them a direct connection, and it is a way to understand why there is someone in control that they do not fully understand.

Modeled after the human nuclear family, many ancient religions see their deity as a father figure. It is the traditional job of the father to care for the family, supply them with food, shelter and clothing. This fits in with ancient man’s ideal of their creator, so religions have been able to keep this model alive for many centuries. It fits their evidence, their writings, and it is a comfort to those who seek a powerful figure to rule their world.

The actual origin of most ancient religions is shrouded in the mists of the far past, but the fundamental ideas governing them are still easy for modern man to recognize. They are still a source of comfort for those who do not understand why an event has occurred, and they are a place where any person who believes can still find redemption whenever there is an error on their part.