Prophets and Guides

While the origins of many religions are shrouded in the hazy myths of the ancient world, most of them have prophets and guides who helped define them at some early point in their inception. These are people who claim to have a special connection with a divine being, or they have shared a vision of the world and its workings with others. Their task has been to enlighten mankind as to what it takes to please their deity, and they have often been concerned with handing down morals and values to their society.

The writings of many religions are centered on these people, and their words are often believed to have been delivered to them by the religion’s deity or Supreme Being. Following them and turning them into ritual is a large part of how many religions have developed the complexity seen in the modern world. Even though there is little or no proof to authenticate the origins their words or writings, those driven by faith in an unseen being have often followed them through many generations.

Religion is often a source of strength for modern man when unusual or difficult events occur, and they are not so different from those of ancient times who looked for the same strength in their religion. They might not have had the concept of an urban legend or a super hero, but their need was just as great then as it is today. Seeking strength from an outside source has long been a way for men to continue on after they believe all else is lost, and it has been a way for them to focus their energies on improvement. The ancient prophets, seers, guides and priests often used these events to help those who lacked good moral values to see the error of their ways.

It might be more difficult for some modern people to see the value in these ancient theories of interaction with faith, but they have been a good formula for creating a better world in the past. For those who still retain the same beliefs as those of their ancestors, it can be a comfort to have faith that their deity is still watching over them.