The Reason for Offerings

Buttering up another person so they will be helpful has a long history, and it can be said that the reason for offerings within religious...


Prophets and Guides

While the origins of many religions are shrouded in the hazy myths of the ancient world, most of them have prophets and guides who helped...


Why Mankind Exists

There have been countless people who have looked at their life and wondered why they are here, but religions do not always answer that question....


Controlling the World

The world is a frightening place when there are no explanations, and ancient man sought them out whenever possible. For those who did not understand...

When ancient man first looked around, there was no rhyme, reason or explanation for the events that occurred. There was no way to tell what the weather would be the next day, so violent storms were a mystery. Where people came from, how they came to be in their current circumstances, and even their ability to tame animals was often something they could not record because they had no system of writing. Seeking something more from the world, ancient man decided that a single being or a group was responsible for the state of their lives, and that is why religion came into being.

There are many different religions in the world today, and each of them has their own unique belief system. While there are some that have remained with the classic example of a father figure controlling everything in the world, there are others that promote the belief that everything in the world is an illusion. Still others are offshoots of these basic ideas, but they have found their own paths to explain life.